A note from our Portfolio Manager, Lauren Vondra on the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines

Published February 1, 2021

By Lauren Vondra

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines have been announced by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee! We know having the most up-to-date content is incredibly important for Nutrition instructors, and the Nutrition team at McGraw Hill has planned for these updates and are currently working now to incorporate the updates into our five new editions which publish in March 2021. These new editions will include the new dietary guidelines:

  • Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition, 12e, by Byrd-Bredbenner
  • Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition, A Functional Approach, 3e, by Byrd-Bredbenner
  • Human Nutrition, 3e, by Stephenson
  • Wardlaw’s Contemporary Nutrition, 12e, by Smith
  • Nutrition for Healthy Living, 6e, by Schiff

What if you are currently using a McGraw Hill Nutrition product that isn’t in a new edition, and what about our titles that came out in January 2020 or before? Not to worry, we will be updating the digital products, ebooks, and Connect content with the 2020-2025 guidelines immediately. Any print books will be updated with the new guidelines when reprints can be accommodated. Those titles include:

  • Wardlaw’s Contemporary Nutrition, A Functional Approach, 6e, by Smith
  • Nutrition Essentials: A Personal Approach, 3e, by Schiff
  • Williams’ Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sport, 12e, by Rawson

We are also working on updating NutritionCalc Plus with the new dietary guidelines (in addition to some additional changes! Whatever your needs may be – print, digital or both —we have you covered. Questions? Reach out to the Nutrition team for help.

Lauren Vondra Portfolio Manager

McGraw Hill Nutrition Team
Lauren Vondra, Portfolio Manager
Lauren Vondra is the Nutrition and Microbiology Portfolio Manager at McGraw Hill and has worked for McGraw Hill since 2014. With over ten years of experience in higher education, Lauren works with Nutrition and Microbiology authors to create market-leading interactive digital tools to help engage students and provide an environment for student success.
Lauren has a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Clarke University and lives in Galena, Illinois with her husband, Nathan; son, Teddy and Goldendoodle, Bear.

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