McGraw-Hill: Our Culture Makes a Difference
Grow Microbiology, Episode 24

Published September 9, 2018

By Sara Leiding, Student at University of Iowa & McGraw-Hill Intern

Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill) and Sara Leiding (student at the University of Iowa and summer intern for McGraw-Hill) as they talk about the student ambassador program and how the culture at McGraw-Hill is the difference. Sara talks about her experience with Connect® and being a student ambassador turned summer intern!


Sara Leiding is an incoming senior at the University of Iowa studying Entrepreneurship and Communications. She was able to combine her two passions of education and business by getting involved in the McGraw-Hill Community. Just last Spring she began serving as the first University of Iowa Student Ambassador and just finished up her internship with higher education in August. She first got her foot in the door through meeting Marketing Manager Olivia Kaiser in a university mentorship program. This past Summer she served as the Product Marketing Operations intern under Michelle Watnick. Sara is a driven and curious student eager to enter the professional world and start her career.


1:50- How Sara got involved with McGraw-Hill
3:00- Sara’s favorite part about being a student ambassador
4:50- Highlights from Sara’s McGraw-Hill internship
8:15- Why should you be a student ambassador?
10:25- The McGraw-Hill Culture
13:40- A student’s perspective of Connect®
15:10- Sara’s acknowledgments
18:50- Sara’s future plans