Do these Three Things and See your Students Succeed
Grow Microbiology, Episode 3

Published September 11, 2018

By Denise Anderson, University of Washington

Challenge them. Avoid memorization. Apply Microbiology to real life. Author and instructor Denise Anderson (University of Washington) shares her teaching philosophy and a few tips to help your students reach their full potential. You won’t want to miss this!


Denise Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Washington, where she teaches a variety of courses, including general microbiology, medical bacteriology laboratory, and medical mycology/parasitology laboratory. Equipped with a diverse educational background, including undergraduate work in nutrition and graduate work in food science and in microbiology, she first discovered a passion for teaching when she taught microbiology laboratory courses as part of her graduate training. Her enthusiastic teaching style, fueled by regular doses of Seattle’s famous coffee, receives high reviews by her students. Outside of academic life, Denise relaxes in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, where she lives with her husband, Richard Moore, and dog, Dudley (neither of whom are well trained). When not planning lectures, grading papers, or writing textbook chapters, she can usually be found chatting with the neighbors, fighting the weeds in her garden, or enjoying a fermented beverage at the local pub.


1:00- Denise’s journey to becoming an instructor
2:25- How Denise’s journey influenced her teaching style
4:30- Student testimonials
6:30- Denise’s teaching philosophy
9:35- Making microbiology relevant to real life
11:50- How Denise reaches all of her students
13:25- Using digital tools
15:35- Teaching immunology
17:15- Denise’s favorite microbe
18:50- Inspiration for the first day of class