Health Professions Instructor Resources

Published February 24, 2020

Instructor Resources:

You can rely on McGraw-Hill to provide support for instructors and students for a successful and engaging education experience when using our instructional products.

Because most Health Professions students are striving to obtain a certified credential that indicates being qualified to perform their job to professional standards, the Learning Outcomes for McGraw-Hill’s Health Professions products are mapped to relevant competencies set by the credentialing agency for each healthcare profession. This means the instructional materials, exercises, digital applications, quizzes, and exams are linked to the learning outcomes. The instructional materials, including the Instructor Manual and PowerPoint presentations, are mapped to the learning outcomes as well.

What does this mean for you? More time to teach and engage students and less time preparing for accrediting agency site visits. McGraw-Hill has done the work for you. Using the Asset Maps, you can easily demonstrate how:

  • You teach the information required for the competencies
  • Students demonstrate proficiency of required skills
  • Students’ understanding of the instruction is assessed

Check out each of the components by going to the Instructor Resources site in Connect® ( for any McGraw-Hill Health Professions product.

Instructor’s Manual:

Located on the password-protected Instructor Resources site in Connect for any McGraw-Hill Health Professions product, the information in the Instructor’s Manual is organized by content and learning outcomes. Instructors can request access to Instructor Resources in Connect from your McGraw-Hill Learning Technology Representative. Locate your McGraw-Hill rep at

The Instructor’s Manual includes detailed lesson plans, class preparation suggestions, answer keys to all exercises, teaching suggestions, and additional ideas for class discussions and student engagement.

Asset Map:

The Asset Map is a chart that shows all of the linkages to the Learning Outcomes. There are typically two charts per chapter. One chart shows all of the links for the Learning Outcomes to the specific pages where the information is covered in the text (print or eBook), Instructor’s Manual, test bank questions, and PowerPoint presentations. In addition to being listed by Learning Outcome, the test bank questions are also linked by levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The second chart shows all of the linkages for the Learning Outcomes to the content assignable in Connect. This may include End-of-Chapter exercises, application exercises, software-specific exercises, interactive exercises, critical thinking questions, and more.

Tools to Plan the Course:

The Tools to Plan the Course site may include:

  • Correlations of the Learning Outcomes to standards of accrediting bodies, such as ABHES, CAAHEP, CAHIIM, NHA, and more
  • Sample syllabi—5-week courses, 8-week courses, 10-week courses, and full-semester courses
  • Conversion guide mapping material from the previous edition to new edition
  • Certificates of Completion for students
  • First Day of Class presentation to introduce students to print and digital materials required for the course
  • Additional features that might be relevant to the course, such as tips, videos, success guides, etc.
  • PowerPoint presentations with linkages to Learning Outcomes and teaching notes for instructors