Course Hacks

Below, your Accounting colleagues’ share their best practices for applying technology to get the most out of their students. Do you have a “Course Hack” to share?

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My Course Hack is using the At-risk report.
The At-risk report within McGraw-Hill Connect® is a great tool to pinpoint students who have low engagement. I typically view the At-risk report a couple of weeks into the semester and again mid-term. By viewing early, I can prompt students to be more engaged with the Connect tools assigned in both face-to-face and online classes. When viewing the report midway through the semester, I am able to remind students to be engaged and also spot those students who are struggling or “at risk” and reach out to them individually.

My Course Hack is using the Excel Simulations to introduce my students to excel.
I use the Excel simulations to give students some exposure to using spreadsheets while working on problems for class. Using Excel Simulations helps students be better prepared for the business world. Feedback...from industry is for students to have Excel experience. Excel Simulations help build knowledge of Excel.

My Course Hack is providing a practice final.
Before the end of the semester, I create a practice final with one question from each chapter that I feel embodies the most critical learning objective. This practice final is a beast, but when they get to the actual final, they breeze right through!

My Course Hack is using reports to pinpoint student conversations.
Before the end of the semester, "I tell my students to review their assignments and verify that the grades in Connect are accurate. The Connect reports allow me to have a conversation with my students before the final exam to discuss the points required to achieve a desired grade in the course."

My Course Hack is copying my course for easy, quick set up.
After the semester ends, "I copy the existing master Connect section into the new master section for the next semester and verify all the content and make any changes that are needed. Then, I share the standardized section with all the instructors for the next semester."

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