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Kamien / Music: An Appreciation, Brief Edition, 10e

Brief welcomes nonmajors to the art of listening. This edition equips students with the language, tools, and listening skills required to sustain a lifelong enthusiasm for music.

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M: Marketing

Kamien / Music: An Appreciation, 13e

Focus on the coverage of the elements of music, while fostering each student’s unique path to listening and understanding with Music: An Appreciation. This edition expand students' foundational listening skills to sustain a lifelong enthusiasm for music.

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Marketing: The Core

Connect Master: Maestro for Music Appreciation

Weave music from the present, past, your local community, and the broader word with Connect Master. It's an all-digital immersive learning experience that engages students by moving them from simply hearing music to actively listening. This approach breaks free from the traditional canon!

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Charlton / Experience Music, 6e

Experience Music offers a listening experience—first hearing, featured listening, and finale—along with Spotify playlists and interactive listening guides to motivate and engage students.

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Connect® for Music Appreciation

SmartBook 2.0

Engage your students by providing foundational knowledge to develop their active listening skills with SmartBook 2.0. Have students learn the basics before they come to class, so you can be the educational expert that leads students to more “aha moments."

Active Listening Guides:

Our Music Listening Guides form a listening experience for gaining knowledge about works, identifying them, critically analyzing them, and comparing them. Students can then apply these active listening skills to works they encounter beyond the classroom.

Writing in Music:

Writing Assignment Plus is a perfect fit for concert and performance reports. You grade for the things most important to you while we check for grammar and originality. Writing Assignment gives you the power to assess students, sections, courses, and entire writing programs all in one place.