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Connect Master: Economics, 1/e

Asarta and Butters, Connect Master: Economics, 1e

Over 250 topics, each anchored by a short video and served up in an adaptive platform, to engage today’s students.

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Economics 21/e

McConnell and Brue and Flynn, Economics 22e

Most comprehensive offer with a wealth of instructor resources. Trusted. Reliable.

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The Economy Today 15/e

Schiller and Gebhardt, The Economy Today 15e

Modern treatment that is policy-focused and tied to current events.

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Principles of Economics 7/e

Frank, Bernanke, Antonovics, and Heffetz, Principles of Economics 7e

Focus on seven core principles and strong “economic naturalist” theme.

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Economics 3/e

Karlan and Morduch, Economics 3e

Economics as a tool to improve YOUR world.

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Economics 11/e

Colander, Economics 11e

Modern economics, institutions and history. The nuance of economic models.

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Economics 3/e

Slavin, Economics 12e

Student-friendly, step-by-step approach that helps students conquer math phobias.

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Connect® for Economics

Application-Based Activities

NEW immersive real-life scenarios engage students and put them in the role of everyday economists. Students practice their economic thinking and problem- solving skills as they apply course concepts and see the implications of their decisions as they go. The tool also provides specific feedback based upon student responses for support when it matters most. Each activity is designed as a 15-minute experience, unless students eagerly replay for a better outcome.

Graphing & Skill Development

Graphing exercises help students learn the mechanics. Interactive graphs help students visualize and interpret economic concepts, graphs, and data- how variables interact and why to develop critical thinking skills.

Engagement & Relevance

Short, succinct videos help bridge students’ gaps in understanding. Videos help engage majors and non-majors by showing them how economics relates to their everyday life.