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Dynamic Business Law 5/e

Kubasek, Dynamic Business Law 5e

Incorporates an ethical decision-making framework, an emphasis on critical thinking, and a focus on business relevance designed for a 2-semester course.

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Dynamic Business Law: The Essentials 4/e

Kubasek, Dynamic Business Law: The Essentials 4e

Designed for one semester, The Essentials incorporates an ethical decision-making framework, an emphasis on critical thinking, and a focus on business relevance.

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Business Law 17/e

Langvardt, Business Law 17e

Emphasizes change by integrating business ethics, corporate social responsibility, global legal issues and e-commerce law into its pedagogy.

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Law for Business 13/e

Barnes, Law for Business 13e

A streamlined approach that provides a comprehensive, yet concise, treatment of legal issues of fundamental importance to business students and the business profession.

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Business Law with UCC Applications 15/e

Sukys, Business Law with UCC Applications 15e

Provides students with an overview of procedural and substantive legal principles that will help them navigate the law as it relates to their everyday lives.

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Essentials of Business Law 10/e

Liuzzo, Essentials of Business Law 10e

A practical, fundamental, concise, and broad-based introduction to the vibrant field of business law, both in traditional areas of law and emerging areas of law.

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Connect® for Business Law

Elevate Critical Thinking

Application-Based Activities for Business Law provide students valuable practice using problem-solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Students progress from understanding basic concepts to using their knowledge to analyze complex scenarios and solve problems. Application-Based Activities have been developed for the topics most often taught (as ranked by instructors) in the Business Law course. These unique activities are assignable and auto-gradable in Connect.

Engage Your Students

SmartBook 2.0 identifies and closes knowledge gaps through a continually adapting reading and questioning experience that helps students master the key concepts in the chapter. SmartBook 2.0 is the latest version of SmartBook, with key updates to: improve accessibility, provide mobile functionality, allow a more granular level of content selection, and provide the ability to assign Recharge activities.

Foster Application of Knowledge

Interactive Applications in Connect for Business Law are provided for each chapter, allowing instructor to assign application-focused video and other formats of interactive activities to reinforce key concepts. The Interactive Applications stimulate critical thinking and allow students to apply what they have learned, while receiving immediate feedback. Students are moved higher up the Blooms Taxonomy and shown how the information they are learning in their business law course is relevant to their own lives.