Conceptual Physics Course Products

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An inclusive approach that builds scientific literacy through physics

Physics of Everyday Phenomena, Ninth Edition
By Griffith and Brosing
Copyright: 2019


Using students' natural interest in sports, this program offers a compelling approach to learning physics for non-science majors.

The Physics of Sports
By Michael Lisa
Copyright: 2016


Digital tools to help your students succeed in your Conceptual Physics course

McGraw Hill Connect® for Conceptual Physics provides the most comprehensive solution to the market. Each asset in Connect is designed to address pressing course challenges, like student success and student preparedness. No matter how your course is designed, we have a solution that's got you covered.

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Helping students succeed

Connect - A digital assignment platform that enables faculty and students to accomplish more, in less time. Connect strengthens the relationship between what students learn in class and in practice. The problem types and resources in Connect align with the content from the text, creating a consistent learning and assessment experience.

Helping students come to class prepared

SmartBook® - Available within Connect, SmartBook actively tailors content to the individual student. The more a student interacts with SmartBook, the more it gets to know what they know and what they don't know. By providing students with a place to test their conceptual understanding, showing them the areas they need to work on most, and by giving them consistent, personalized feedback at the exact moment they need it, SmartBook helps students to bridge their knowledge gaps and come to class prepared.