Georgia Networks:
A Middle School Social Studies Curriculum

Overview of Georgia Networks

Helping you create advantageous learning experiences that place students at the center of the historical and cultural excitement is what Georgia Social Studies is all about. Motivated students no longer expect to simply read about historical events, influential people, and diverse cultures—they want to experience them. Georgia Social Studies programs foster critical thinking by delivering engaging learning opportunities for every learner.

Programs and Components for Georgia Networks


Discovering World Geography: Africa, Southwest Asia, South and East Asia

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Discovering World Geography: Africa, Southwest Asia, South and East Asia

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Inquiry Journals

The Inquiry Journals are interactive work texts that will equip students to think critically through active learning. By researching, evaluating sources, and completing evidence-based writing tasks, students learn how to reach informed conclusions and take action.


SyncBlasts offers a dynamic digital library of reading and writing assignments called Blasts that cover current events and social studies topics relevant to students’ lives and the world around them. New Blasts are published each school day at three Lexile-levels. Available in English and Spanish.

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LearnSmart makes social studies content accessible to students by providing personalized instruction, practice, and context necessary to build meaning. The program also suggests different ways to access content or review materials when needed, all based on the individual student’s personal performance and knowledge indicators.

Meaningful Support for All Students

Ensure every student has meaningful access to the social studies content and can participate in discussion.

  • Point-of-use differentiation strategies for approaching-level, beyond-level, and ELL students
  • Adjustable reading levels, audio, and closed captioning
  • Reading Essentials and Study Guide to support below-level readers
  • Comprehensive Spanish language resources, with print Spanish Student Editions for select titles