Grades PreK–12

Efficacy and Success Stories for Direct Instruction

Overview of Efficacy and Success for Direct Instruction

Learn how Direct Instruction teaching practices have positively impacted students around the country in this collection of stories that features the following:

  • An efficacy study on Reading Mastery that demonstrates significant gains in student MAP and STAR scores;
  • A Wisconsin charter school that’s experienced positive results with Direct Instruction for over 20 years;
  • An Arizona school district, with 90 percent of students on free or reduced-price lunch, that’s seeing improved scores and older students getting up to grade level; and
  • A Wyoming middle school that’s seeing below-basic students rising to the basic level.

District & School Success Stories 

District & School Success Videos

Dogan Elementary

Dogan Elementary teachers use Direct Instruction programs to give students the gift of reading

Emma E. Booker

Emma E. Booker Elementary propels reading proficiency with Direct Instruction

Kment Elementary

Direct Instruction drives math success at Kment Elementary School