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New! Student Engagement Tips

Looking to increase student engagement? You don’t need to tackle this challenge alone. Check out these tips on how to use adaptive technology to better connect with your students, and ways to help students avoid procrastination.

Student Engagement Leads to Success

Below are videos and guides to help you improve student engagement.
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Student Engagement Tips

How SmartBook 2.0 Has Revolutionalized Student Engagement

Hear how your colleagues have used SmartBook 2.0 to increase engagement in their classes.

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Resources to Help You Get Started at Your Own Pace

Visit the SmartBook 2.0 - Instructor Overview Page
Visit the SmartBook 2.0 User Guide Page

Visit the Assigning SmartBook 2.0 Page
Visit the SmartBook 2.0 Reports Page

Tips to Help Students Avoid the Procrastination Trap

Learn 3 tips to encourage your students to start assignments early and avoid procrastinating.

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