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C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach

C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach

1st Edition
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Program Details

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers and Programming Languages

Chapter 2: Basics of C++ Programming

Chapter 3: Expressions and Statements

Chapter 4: Selection

Chapter 5: Repetition

Chapter 6: Functions

Chapter 7: User-Defined Types: Classes

Chapter 8: Arrays

Chapter 9: References, Pointers, and Memory Management

Chapter 10: Strings

Chapter 11: Relationships among Classes

Chapter 12: Polymorphism and Other Issues

Chapter 13: Operator Overloading

Chapter 14: Exception Handling

Chapter 15: Generic Programming: Templates

Chapter 16: Input/Output Streams

Chapter 17: Recursion

Chapter 18: Introduction to Data Structures

Chapter 19: Standard Template Library (STL)

Chapter 20: Design Patterns


Appendix A: Unicode

Appendix B: Positional Numbering System

Appendix C: C++ Expressions and Operators

Appendix D: Bitwise Operations

Appendix E: Bit Fields

Appendix F: Preprocessing

Appendix G: Namespaces

Appendix H: Ratios

Appendix I: Time

Appendix J: Lambda Expressions

Appendix K: Regular Expressions

Appendix L: Smart Pointers

Appendix M: Random Number Generation

Appendix N: References

Appendix O: Move versus Copy

Appendix P: A Brief Review of C++ 11

Appendix Q: Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Appendix R: Bitset