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McGraw Hill Virtual Labs: "The Lab is Always Open"

With McGraw Hill Virtual Labs… “The Lab is Always Open”.  With the launch of Virtual Labs, McGraw Hill Education has continued to shape and evolve the lab space for your science courses.  Implementation techniques can range from lab preparation to lab supplement, or fully online solutions for your lab needs.  McGraw Hill Virtual Labs offers adaptive pre-lab learning tools, a full lab simulation, and post-lab assessment options.  This variety of formative and summative assessments can be tailored to meet your needs.  The lab simulations help students learn the practical and conceptual skills needed, then check for understanding and provide feedback. 

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With McGraw Hill Virtual Labs, we have continued to develop new lab simulations based on student and instructor feedback, and we are pleased to announce 16 new labs for Biology for 2022.  These labs have undertaken significant review and development based on market needs and are designed to increase our lab offerings in the Plants, Animals, and Ecology portions of typical Biology lab courses. 

The new labs for 2022 are: 

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For a brief overview of our new Earthworm dissection lab click: here

For a complete list of all of our McGraw Hill Virtual Labs for Biology click: here

What customers are saying about Virtual Labs: 

Joseph Jlin --  Reedley College / Fresno State University  “The Labs are relevant and exactly what I would do in person.  Key concepts, Overview and Before you begin page is awesome!” 

Susan Sking -- Gadsen State Community College  “I love how the virtual labs are a realistic alternative for any lab that we are performing, or are not able to perform.  The students are able to get acquainted with the laboratory equipment that would be used in a traditional lab.  The virtual labs are very supportive of the lab content that I am currently teaching.” 

Tammy Lorince -- University of Arkansas  “We use them as pre-labs to insure understanding before the students get to lab.  During Covid, we’ve used them along with TA-made videos instead of f2f labs so students could continue course work.” 

Brittany Gasper -- Florida Southern College   “My favorite feature is how true the virtual labs are to the actual in-person lab experience.  It stimulates the step-by-step process very well and is the best I have seen at providing students with as authentic an experience as possible.  I also appreciate the labs that have analysis questions at the end asking students to apply what they have learned and often requiring them to think what would happen if certain steps in the experiment were not performed appropriately.” 



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