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Have You Tried McGraw Hill Virtual Labs?

Did you know that taking your science labs online—especially in conjunction with your face-to-face lab—can help you succeed in your science course? With a simple practice online, you’ll be prepared, understand the material at your own pace, and build your confidence.

McGraw Hill Virtual Labs is a fully online (fun!) lab solution, assigned by your instructor, that can be used as a lab replacement, preparation, supplement, or even a make-up lab. These labs can also be used as a learning activity that bridges the gap between lab and lecture. Engaging simulations take you step by step through the lab in a realistic environment, helping you understand the tools and concepts.

Virtual Labs as a Lab Replacement

Taking a fully online course? Online courses are becoming even more popular in the wake of the recent pandemic. By having a pre-lab assignment, virtual “hands-on” simulation, and a post-lab assignment, you’re able to do the lab outside of the actual laboratory. Each simulation takes approximately 15-20 minutes, so you can engage with the material and have fun in a virtual environment!

Virtual Labs for Lab Preparation

Are you hesitant walking into a laboratory setting? We know it can be daunting coming into the lab and knowing exactly what to do. By completing the online simulations prior to your face-to-face lab time with your instructor, you are better able to understand what lab equipment you’ll be using and what to expect from the lab activity. This can also save lab resources! By completing the experiment virtually, there’s a better chance fewer materials will be wasted.

Virtual Labs in Lecture

Is there often a disconnect between your lab and lecture courses? To bridge the gap between lab and lecture, Virtual Lab simulations can be used as a fun learning activity in the classroom. Because Virtual Labs works on mobile-friendly browsers and was designed for screens the size of a small tablet, it is a digital tool that can be used easily during lecture time. Ask your instructor to assign the lab simulations, then you could work with a partner or small group to practice together.

Virtual Labs as a Make-up Lab

Have you been faced with school closing? Perhaps you’ve been sick or the weather prevented you from getting to the in-person lab? We know it can be difficult to schedule a time to visit the lab and know it is open! Laboratory time is precious. Ask your instructor to assign the Virtual Lab in its place, which will save you time—and the stress—of having to make up the lab.

Virtual Labs for Accessibility

Connect Virtual Labs were designed from the onset to meet standards for accessibility. They are operable by keyboard navigation and with a screen-reader. With these lab simulations, no matter what your situation, you are still able to meet the learning objectives for the lab portion of your science course.  

Get Creative!

Has your instructor used the Virtual Labs in any of your science courses? We would love to hear how—and if you enjoyed your experience! Please share with us how you have used them!