Data Analytics in Accounting

Enhance your students' employability and critical thinking skills by incorporating Data Analytics into your Accounting curriculum every step of the way.

An Inside Look into Industry Demands

We continue to hear from industry leaders just how important employability skills and critical thinking skills are for student success after graduation. Based on industry insights and in-depth research, we have implemented ways to incorporate data analytics throughout the Accounting curriculum, slowly building up students’ skillsets and comprehension from the introductory level all the way up through capstone courses.

McGraw Hill’s Data Analytics for Accounting program…

McGraw Hill’s Data Analytics for Accounting program is designed to progressively build a student’s data analytics skills and comprehension from the introductory level all the way up through capstone courses. Our consistent digital tools are unique to the needs of each course area and are assignable within connect, with a majority of them being auto-gradable.


We have 5 different types of assignments in many of the core course areas, that all build on one another. These consistent digital tools are unique to the needs of each course area and are assignable within connect, with a majority of them being auto-gradable. As students move up this staircase of our core data analytics content, it mirrors their climb in the Accounting curriculum and the growth in their skills. Each assignment type adds a bit more level of understanding than the last, becoming more robust and fostering higher-order thinking. Check out the following tabs to learn more about our Data Analytics offer within Connect.

2. Data Visualizations

The lowest level of our Data Analytics offer will be our Data Visualizations, where students are interpreting accounting data from looking at static visualizations and making conclusions.

Tableau Dashboard Activities

Tableau Dashboard Activities have students looking and manipulating an active dashboard and answering scenario-based questions.

Excel Analytics

Excel Analytics assignments will go beyond basic data manipulations and excel skills. Students will be working with complex data sets in Excel to analyze data sets and derive solutions.

Applying Tableau

Applying Tableau assignments give students hands-on usage and skill-building within the free Tableau software. Students then have to answer critical-thinking and calculation questions, requiring manipulation and interpretation of data sets.

Applying Power BI

Applying Power BI introduces and teaches students to drive better business decisions by analyzing data for insights. Students create their own reports and dashboards, harnessing data to tell a compelling business story.

Excel Tools

In addition to our five Data Analytics tools, we also have Excel assignment types available within Connect.

  • Integrated Excel A live seamless experience – The power of Microsoft Excel meets the power of McGraw Hill Connect in our all-new integration of Excel in Connect. Excel now opens seamlessly inside Connect with no need for uploading or downloading any additional files or software. Instructors choose their auto-grading solution, either grading for formula accuracy or for the solution value.

  • Applying Excel enables students to work select chapter problems or examples in Excel. These problems are assignable in Connect and give students instant feedback as they work through assignments in Excel. Accompanying Excel videos teach students how to use Excel and the primary functions needed to complete each assignment. Short assessments can be assigned to test student comprehension of key Excel skills.

Hear What Students & Instructors Have to Say!

“The Data Analytics tools provided by McGraw Hill have substantially improved students’ career readiness. Students now employed at Big 4 firms have commented when returning to campus for recruiting events how exposure to these Data Analytics tools, such as Tableau, have made their first- and second-year experiences as auditors much richer and more straightforward and prepared them for quick advancement to Senior and Manager. I have since introduced the Data Analytics cases throughout the semester and as a regular part of students’ assignments so that students know that analytics is a part of, and not distinct from, the rest of financial accounting.” – Benjamin Anderson, Assistant Professor of Accounting at San Jose State University

“The accounting profession has definitely shifted to a world where knowledge of analytics and comfort with big data are now a must have skill. I currently teach accounting analytics as a standalone course in addition to integrating analytics and technology in my other classes. I have been impressed and excited that McGraw Hill has incorporate Excel Analytics and Tableau Analytics (both from a user and creator perspective) to pretty much all of their accounting courses. The ability to integrate these activities into the classroom seamlessly and as an augmentation to as opposed to replacement of skills is invaluable.” – Jacob Shortt, Assistant Professor of Practice at Virginia Tech.

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