Introduction to Sociology
Course Materials

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Sociology: A Brief Introduction

Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 14e Richard Schaefer

Traditional and mainstream approach to introduction to sociology that is inviting, approachable and student friendly.

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Sociology in Modules

Sociology in Modules, 5e Richard Schaefer

Flexible format covers important concepts in a comprehensive way while also allowing instructors to select and organize reading assignments in the best way for their students.

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Experience Sociology 4/e

Experience Sociology, 4e David Croteau and William Hoynes

Contemporary approach to Introduction to sociology using three key concepts: Culture, Structure and Power with a strong focus on race, ethnicity and globalization

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SOC 2020

SOC 2020, 6e Jon Witt

Rich visuals and pop culture combine for a text that is student friendly and engaging

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Sociology Matters

Sociology Matters, 7e Richard T. Schaefer

A concise introduction to sociology with a focus on the major theoretical perspectives and an emphasis on real-world application.

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Connect® for Introduction to Sociology

Sociological Imagination

Connect for Sociology is an easy-to-use learning platform that gives instructors access to tools that help students to think like a sociologist. Use Connect to compliment instruction in your Sociology course and inspire deeper engagement and critical thinking. Tools like “In Their Shoes” and “Applying the Perspectives” are tied to chapter learning objectives and are designed to help bring sociology to life for students.

Personalized Learning

Within Connect, you can also assign and incentivize students to engage with course readings, help students understand core concepts, and free more class time for hands-on activities and real-life application.

Critical Thinking

Power of Process guides students through the process of critical reading, analysis, and writing and allows instructors to assess these skills in an online environment. Select from a preloaded set of classic sociology readings, upload your own reading, or allow students to select and upload reading selections or source materials.

Sociology in the News

A place for sociology instructors and students to find articles that spotlight current events, news stories, and the latest research data. Questions for discussion are included to engage readers and spur critical thinking.