Introductory Sociology Course Products

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A minimalistic approach to Introductory Sociology with the core principles at the forefront of this book

Sociology Matters, Seventh Edition
By Richard T. Schaefer
Copyright: 2019


Written from a core perspective of Culture, Structure, and Power

Experience Sociology, Third Edition
By Croteau and Hoynes
Copyright: 2018


Student-friendly, engages today's students on many different levels

SOC 2018, Fifth Edition
By Jon Witt
Copyright: 2018


Schaefer strikes again with McGraw-Hill's most traditional mainline book.

Sociology: A Brief Introduction, Twelfth Edition
By Richard T. Schaefer
Copyright: 2017


Takes Schaefer's approach from Sociology: A Brief Introduction, and puts it into a modular approach.

Sociology in Modules, Fourth Edition
By Richard T. Schaefer
Copyright: 2017


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Digital tools to help your students succeed in your Introductory Sociology course

McGraw-Hill Connect® for Introductory Sociology provides the most comprehensive solution to the market. Each asset in Connect is designed to address pressing course challenges, like student success and student preparedness. No matter how your course is designed, we have a solution that's got you covered.

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Helping students succeed

Connect - By prompting students to engage with key concepts, while continually adapting to their individual needs, Connect activates learning and empowers students to take control resulting in better grades and increased retention rates.

Concept Clips are an assignment type that integrates short video clips and questions throughout the concepts students struggle with the most.

Newsflash is a new assignment that keeps content current so that students can be aware of sociology happening today.

Applying the Perspectives is a decision-based game that works with students to help them see the theoretical perspectives in use in the world today.


Helping students come to class prepared

SmartBook® - Smartbook® emphasizes the key principles and core concepts of the Introductory Sociology course in the digital textbook, by directing students to those areas of the text first.

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