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Real Value:

Affordability & Outcomes

Because Lower Costs Alone Won't Drive Student Success

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Affordability & Outcomes =
Academic Freedom!

Affordability & Outcomes = Academic Freedom!

You deserve choice, flexibility and control. You know what’s best for your students and selecting the course materials that will help them succeed should be in your hands.

That’s why providing you with a wide range of options
that lower cost and drive better outcomes is our highest priority.

Our Real Value Approach

Affordable Solutions


Get the flexibility to teach your course your way, and provide students with affordable, course materials designed to help them succeed. From our flagship Connect® and ALEKS® digital learning platforms that adapt to the individual learner to digital/print bundles, eBooks, print and eBook rentals, Inclusive Access, OER and mobile. You can teach your way, with more options and flexibility to meet your students’ needs.

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Meaningful Outcomes


increase in student retention and 13% improvement in pass rate


more time spent by instructors on active teaching & learning

Source: 2016 McGraw-Hill Connect
Effectiveness Study

Our solutions are designed to actively engage students in course content, helping them develop the higher-level thinking needed for success today and in the future. Our digital solutions incorporate high-quality content and adaptive technology proven to boost student performance, while helping you transform classroom discussions from basic to bold.

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Support at Every Step

99.87 %

platform uptime


customer service

We’re here to help. We’ll do everything in our power to make each semester go smoothly for you and your students. From in-person training to 24-hour customer support, to a platform with 99.87% uptime — we’ve got your back. McGraw-Hill Education is with you every step of the way.

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Affordable Options at Every Turn


Rent It

Affordable print and digital rental options through our partnerships with leading textbook distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chegg, Follett, and more. Learn More


Go Digital

A full and flexible range of affordable digital solutions ranging from Connect, ALEKS, inclusive access, mobile apps, OER and more.


Get Print

Students who purchase digital materials can get a loose-leaf print version at a significantly reduced rate to meet their individual preferences and budget.

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Effective, Efficient Learning

Digital courseware like Connect ®, equips students to study more efficiently and effectively by tailoring the learning experience and content to meet their needs.

Connect is powered by adaptive technologies so your students learn more efficiently, retain more and achieve better outcomes and you can provide the engagement and expertise for more "aha" moments.

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Maintaining academic freedom is important.
We’re happy to help you choose the right solution for you and your students.

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*Class performance can improve due to a number of factors, including the innate ability and prior education of the students participating, as well as differences among teachers and their pedagogies. We believe that, even taking these factors into account, McGraw-Hill products can contribute to improvements in student outcomes.