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Break Free From What You Know, To What You Need

Take your students beyond knowledge mastery, with practical real-world skills development.

Connect Concepts to Application.

Students often struggle to apply the concepts they’ve learned in class. Connect Master provides students with focused instruction and assessments, taking them beyond basic knowledge of the subject to mastery of foundational concepts with adaptive learning and just-in-time learning resources, as well as practical assessments.

Take Your Students Beyond Knowledge Mastery

Connect Master is designed to stretch your students from basic concept understanding to real-world application.

Digital First Courseware

Connect Master content is designed for digital use, rather than a static reading experience. Boosting engagement and efficiency while addressing the concern students don’t read.

Practical Assessments

With speech assignments, application-based activities, writing assignments, and more. You have a variety of assessment formats to gauge students’ 21st-century skills.

Adaptive Practice

Adaptive experience with Connect Master gives students a personalized learning experience, leading to greater efficiency and concept mastery.

Instructional Alignment

Learning objectives, assessments, and instructional content are aligned to ensure instruction directly supports what is assessed.

Interactive Reader

Built around key learning objectives that streamline the essential conceptual information. Key concepts are enhanced through resources that provide an active learning experience.

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