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Effective, Efficient Studying

Connect helps students make more productive use of their study time and achieve better outcomes.

Students Can Study Anywhere

With our Read Anywhere app students can access their eBook from their mobile phone or tablets. Students also can download a chapter or the entire text if they want to study offline.

“I like that this type of activity/app is available anywhere and out of class. It is nice to have it on devices that we use every day.”

Klarissa Siebert - Sophomore, Biology, El Paso Community College

Key passages are highlighted just as if students marked the pages themselves.

Focused Learning

As part of Connect, your students have access to SmartBook® an adaptive learning and reading tool SmartBook highlights key topics for students to focus on, and provides links to additional material such as videos and slideshows, so they can deepen their understanding of the learning objectives.

Personalized Experience

SmartBook prompts students with questions based on the material they are studying. By assessing individual answers, SmartBook learns what each student knows and identifies which topics they need to practice. This adaptive technology gives each student a personalized learning experience and path to success

Read about the Learning Science in Connect
Students answer questions, rate their confidence in their answer, and have access to related resources.

Improve Content Retention

The recharge tool helps students better prepare for exams by allowing them to review and refresh their understanding of challenging material. On average, students experience stronger comprehension with a knowledge retention rate of 89.9% using Connect versus 70.1% without it.


Student Retention with Connect.

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Stay on Schedule

A calendar and customized feed shows students a to-do list, so they’ll know precisely what they should be working on to succeed in your course.

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