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Effective, Efficient Studying for Math

ConnectMath is the complete homework solution for you and your students. Developed by instructors for instructors, ConnectMath offers access to author-developed, text-specific assignments, learning resources, videos and adaptive learning modules. The platform delivers easy-to-read reports and learns the strengths and weaknesses of each student allowing you to create a more meaningful learning experience.

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Increase Engagement and Results

Upgrade to the Latest Suite of Tools

Our new enhanced experience is available for select titles this Fall 2018. It offers free-response graphing functionality, improved statistical tools, more detailed instant feedback for students, a more intuitive palette and answer-entry experience. The replacement of flash-based content means improved accessibility and mobile capabilities.

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Optimize Learning with Data-driven Reports

Easy-to-read, downloadable reports, allow you to analyze success rates for each assignment, monitor a student’s time spent on task and identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses in each course area. Students can also track assignment status, homework performance and identify challenge areas so they know where to focus.


Save Time. Study Smarter.

As part of ConnectMath, your students have access to SmartBook®. SmartBook actively tailors content to the individual needs of each student. It creates a personalized reading experience by focusing on the most impactful concepts a student needs to learn at that moment in time. SmartBook helps students better prioritize, engage with the content and come to class ready to participate.

Example of ConnectMath Integrating with LMS

LMS Integration

You can easily integrate ConnectMath with your current learning management system across courses, sections and the institution. Just assign roles and responsibilities, which can be used for current and future terms. Integration provides single sign-on capabilities, quick registration, gradebook synchronization and access to assignments.

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Customer Reviews

“[ConnectMath] has allowed my college to offer robust courses in Liberal Arts math for over 10 years… Students who consistently use [ConnectMath] in my classes learn the math and succeed in the course.”

Lisa Rombes - Chair, Department of Mathematics, Washtenaw Community College

“My students appreciate the consistency between the textbook and ConnectMath.  They love that the Guided Solutions are stepped out in the same way as the book examples and I’ve found that I receive fewer questions due to this consistency.”

Nathalie Vega-Rhodes - Mathematics Professor, Lone Star College Kingwood

“As a teacher, I like the flexibility in being able to choose homework exercises from all [McGraw Hill] textbooks, the ability to choose which resources students have access to at the assignment level, and the ability to assign partial credit automatically… [ConnectMath] is both student- and teacher-friendly and easy to navigate.”

Stephen Toner - Department Chair, Victor Valley College

“[ConnectMath] has changed the way I teach… I can check online between classes to see how much of the homework students have mastered and which questions I need to readdress in class. Textbook ancillary materials were optional in my class fifteen years ago; now the print textbook is optional.”

Tim Chappell - Professor of Mathematics, Metropolitan Community College Kansas City

Reliability and Technical Support

ConnectMath is highly reliable with 99.97% uptime. You’ll spend your time teaching, not troubleshooting tech issues. Should there be an issue, tech support is available to you and your students by phone, online or chat.



For some of our most recently published titles, ConnectMath now includes an enhanced experience. This experience replaces flash-based content and provides a more intuitive palette and answer-entry experience. It’s fully accessible to colorblind students and much of the platform can be used with keyboard only. Videos contained within the course are closed-captioned.

We are actively pursuing greater accessibility for the platform and content files in the future, however, students using assistive technology may experience limitations with the current software. Students with accessibility needs may request an accessible version of the text via their Disability Support Services office.

Assignments can also be printed to PDF and supplied to students who cannot complete them with the existing accommodations within ConnectMath. The accessibility coordinator or faculty member can print the assignments from the Student View of their course.

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