Everyday Mathematics, Third Edition © 2007

Grade Levels: PreK-6

Expect More. Achieve More.

The Everyday Mathematics program is celebrating over 20 years of research and development and offering schools results unmatched by any other elementary mathematics program. This results-oriented program is the program of choice for nearly 3 million students in the United States alone. Everyday Mathematics was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) in conjunction with feedback from education specialists, administrators, and classroom teachers in order to enable children in elementary grades to learn more mathematical content and become life-long mathematical thinkers.

Everyday Mathematics, Third Edition © 2007

Program Features:

  • Activities, lessons, and experiences vary between grade levels. A typical day's lesson includes:
  • A three-part lesson plan that focuses on lesson objectives, provides ongoing practice for students, and addresses individual student needs for a variety of populations
  • Getting Started Activities with a daily math message used as a lesson opener; Mental Math and Reflexes offer mental-math opportunities
  • Student Math Journals to facilitate Individual, Small Group, and Partner activities
  • Math Boxes containing short problems to practice and refine understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Games that provide fact practice alternatives to worksheets and pencil and paper drills
  • Home Links or Study Links for home study
  • Cross-curricular, theme-based activities that can be woven throughout the year
  • Lessons that allow students to investigate and discover mathematics by incorporating manipulative-based, hands-on group activities