School Storefronts

McGraw Hill now offers custom webstores for schools so parents and guardians can easily order their print and digital solutions!

Through our custom webstore, parents and guardians can purchase McGraw Hill curriculum and the digital student licenses will sync directly to your school account allowing teachers to roster students in classes, create assignments and administer online assessments.

To set up a custom webstore for your school, please reach out to your McGraw Hill sales representative with the following:

  • Print and digital products your school will be using
  • Expected enrollment
  • Date you expect parents and guardians to start ordering
  • Contact name and email address at the school for the individual that will be managing the licenses

Once received, we will create a custom webstore link that you can share with parents and guardians so they can place their individual orders. Please allow 5 to 10 business days to set up your school’s custom webstore.

Print materials we be shipped directly to the student’s home address. Digital licenses will be added to your school’s account allowing teachers to roster the students in a class. Expected turnaround time for orders to process is 5 business days.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can individuals order both print and digital through a school’s webstore?

Yes, print and digital bundles can be ordered through a custom webstore. Individuals can currently order print materials through; however, this solution is geared to support individuals who want to order digital licenses and have them synced with their school’s account. If they have a mix of print and digital, they can both be uploaded to their custom webstore.

What is the return policy for individual orders?

Our return policy for individuals can be found in the link below.

How do students get digital access for their orders?

Once a student license has been ordered and processed, it will be assigned to the school account. The school will then be able to roster the student to a class. Teachers/Admins will create a login on the school account and assign content to those students who have purchased access. Students will not automatically receive their digital access upon placing an order as they will need to be provided login credentials by a teacher or admin at the school.

Can schools get a list of all students who have purchased a subscription?

Yes, please email We can pull a list of all students who have placed an order.