Storyteller features engaging literature that prepares students for the transition from fiction to nonfiction reading. All titles are available in both English and Spanish to meet the instructional needs of all students. Unusual flip pages and die cuts capture the imagination and invite students to interact with the text. Named after the Pueblo Native American tradition of storytelling, this series of emergent–fluency stage books helps children become enthusiastic story readers, story writers, and storytellers!

About the Program

Storyteller books are suitable for a diverse population of K–2 readers and will meet the needs of children who

  • Arrive with few preschool experiences
  • Have limited control of English-language structures or limited English vocabulary
  • Are finding it difficult to engage in the process of learning to read
  • Are making regular progress in reading acquisition

Storyteller guided reading features:

  • Supportive text that is developmentally appropriate for each student’s needs
  • Research-based lesson plans that introduce important skills at each level
  • Nonfiction books with text access features that promote informational literacy
  • Developed ELL support so teachers have quality instruction for both English- and Spanish-speaking students


Program Components

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To learn about the specific purchase options for this program, please contact our Customer Service team at 800-338-3987

  • We have stopped printing many old products, but we might have some stock in our warehouse.
  • Select legacy products are available on Create® EasyOrder.

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