Shared Reading Packs

Shared reading is the whole-group instructional model of a balanced reading program. Teachers model the reading process, while students participate in cooperative reading, similar to the lap reading some of them may experience at home. During shared reading, the teacher uses a Read-Together Big Book, which contains large, vivid illustrations and enlarged easy-to-see text. The teacher first reads the book aloud to students, pointing carefully to each word and modeling how to read the book. Repeated readings of the same Big Book deepen and reinforce students' understanding of phonological awareness, concepts of print, phonics, vocabulary, and sense of story.

About the Program

In a shared reading classroom, students:

  • See that reading is enjoyable and purposeful
  • Experience confidence and success as they begin to read
  • Develop and understanding that reading should make sense
  • Gain insight into how books are organized and how reading works
  • Understand how readers solve print problems
  • Develop their vocabulary and oral language
  • Gain a sense of book language and an understanding of story structures and literary elements
  • Are given the opportunity to manipulate language as they extend and personalize stories

Program Components

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