Science Photo Library, SRA

Build a solid foundation in science vocabulary and background knowledge for students of all ages with SRA's Science Photo Library. This program uses collections of photos to teach English science vocabulary with vivid photography, descriptive paragraphs, and translations and pronunciations in 11 languages on each unique card.

About the Program

Each full-color Photo Card includes identifications in ten languages in addition to an English description. Languages include Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Cantonese, Korean, Haitian Creole, Arabic, Russian, Tagalog, and Khmer.

The flashcard format makes the Science Photo Library perfect for group, individual practice, or intervention. Each collection:

  • Builds science vocabulary background
  • Visualizes science vocabulary
  • Develops oral language
  • Teaches English Language Learners

Components include:

Teacher Idea Book

  • Includes strategies and ideas about how to use Science Photo Library to increase student understanding of key science vocabulary and concepts

Photo Cards (630 in all) are vivid photographs with translations in 10 languages and background information that include connections to help learn concepts.

CD-ROM provides interactive access to:

  • Vocabulary support with Dictionary
  • Games
  • Sound effects and translations

Sorting Mat

  • For organization and classification of the Photo Cards

World/U.S. Map

  • Show landforms and bodies of water for reference when describing locations of the items pictured

Program Components

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  • We have stopped printing many old products, but we might have some stock in our warehouse.
  • Select legacy products are available on Create® EasyOrder.

Additional Details & Resources

  • Research Base for Science Photo Library
    This document lists research into core science content, language acquisition, and using visuals to teach science that guided the development of SRA Science Photo Library.