Reveal Math 9–12:
A High School Math Curriculum

Reveal the Full Potential in Every Student

The principles of Reveal Math® derive from the latest research on how students learn best—through productive struggle, rich tasks, and mathematical discourse. Reveal Math is a high school math curriculum that empowers educators to uncover the mathematician in every high school student through powerful explorations, rich technology, and timely and insightful differentiation opportunities. The unique approach of Reveal Math ensures students don’t just meet the standards, they master them.

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Components

Reveal Math includes a wealth of print and digital resources that leads to mastery of the standards.

Interactive Student Edition, Two Volumes

Students take ownership of their learning by interacting with content in the consumable student text. Also available in Spanish.

Student Digital Center

Access videos, animations, “Explore” activities, instructional content, assessments, and more.

Language Development Handbook, Student Edition

Students utilize graphic organizers and note-taking strategies to build mathematical vocabulary and language development.

Language Development Handbook, Teacher Edition

Teachers receive specific tips to support the language development of students building English language proficiency.

Teacher Edition, Two Volumes

Teachers benefit from a user-friendly and clear teacher edition, with tips on when and how to incorporate digital resources.

Teacher Digital Center

Access valuable and flexible resources for both core instruction and differentiation.


Students can access personalized learning and prepare for summative assessments.

Spanish Language Components

Meet the needs of English learners with a complete suite of resources to build English proficiency.

Spanish Interactive Student Editions

A Spanish version of the print interactive student edition is available for each course.

Language Development Handbooks

The student edition of this handbook includes word cards, vocabulary squares, three-column charts with English/Spanish cognates, definition maps, concept webs, and Dinah Zike’s Visual Kinesthetic Vocabulary Cards.

The teacher edition of the handbook includes English learner instructional strategies, leveled activities for English language development, and multicultural teacher tips.

Additional Resources

Additional resources include personal tutors in Spanish, a multilingual eGlossary, and ALEKS® bilingual courses in Spanish.

Explore Lesson Resources

Lesson Walkthrough

See how to implement the interactive digital resources as you go through the various stages of the program’s rigor-based three-part lesson model: Launch; Explore and Develop; and Reflect and Practice.

EdReports Review of Reveal Math, a widely respected independent K–12 curriculum review organization, evaluated Reveal Math and rated highly with all green scores for meeting expectations for Gateway 1, 2, and 3. EdReports’ rigorous review, conducted by classroom educators and district leaders, enables districts to leverage the results to extend their internal product selection process of high-quality instructional materials such as Reveal Math.

To see more about EdReports review of Reveal Math, visit their page.

Learning List provides independent reviews of K–12 instructional materials and online courses. To see Learning List’s professional reviews and alignment reports for our products, go to

Learning List’s blog post for Reveal Math can be found here.

Supplemental and Intervention Mathematics

Wanting to address unfinished learning, offer targeted differentiation, or provide extended learning activities? We can help you meet all students at their level to address their individual learning needs with supplemental solutions that blend seamlessly into our Reveal Math core curriculum.

VIEW ALEKS Grades 3–12

Supplemental math assessment and adaptive learning platform