Core-Plus Mathematics is a four-year, problem-based high school mathematics program constructed for individual student success with a proven real-world approach to the Common Core and beyond.

Connecting students with success

Core-Plus Mathematics engages students in mathematically rich investigations, providing both access and challenge for all students. The curriculum is reinforced by integrated eBooks, digital resources, linked CPMP-Tools® software, and mobile access.

Get results where it matters: In the classroom

The CCSS Edition of Core-Plus Mathematics builds on the strengths and success of prior editions, funded in part by the National Science Foundation, and has been iteratively updated to reflect the latest in research on student learning.

Get to the Core of CCSS

Each unit provides a coherent and connected development of CCSS content and practices, with focus on mathematical modeling and the development of reasoning, justification, and proof.

Research Based Foundation

The Core-Plus Mathematics Project (CPMP) was initially funded in 1992 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and evaluate a comprehensive Standards-based high school mathematics curriculum. The curriculum is the product of iterative cycles of design, development, field-testing, and refinement in response to changing national standards for high school mathematics, reports from program users across the country and internationally, advances in technology, and what is known about student learning.

Adaptive, Personalized Instruction

Differentiated instruction is easy with resources that include Response to Intervention (RtI) strategies and teacher guidance. ALEKS®, an adaptive digital option using artificial intelligence, provides each student with a personalized learning experience.

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