All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies

Grade Levels: K-K

With All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies, your students will learn to sound out unfamiliar words using decoding strategies such as sense clues, structural or morphemic analysis, and spelling-sound clues. Use All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies alone or as a supplement to a basal program.

This program’s 5-Star Focus provides instruction and practice in the following five areas, all of which are necessary for building strong reading skills:

  • Emergent Skills
  • Alphabetic Awareness
  • Phonological/Phonemic Awareness
  • Structural Analysis
  • Phonics in Context: Themes, Reading, and Writing

About the Program

Features include:

  • All-STAR Intervention Strategies allow your students to experience learning through different senses, making it easier for them to master important phonics skills.
  • Phonics in Context: Themes, Reading, and Writing adds interest to phonics instruction and links phonics to other language skills.
  • Clear objectives and practical teaching strategies in the Teacher’s Edition enable you to reach your students effectively
  • With All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies, your students will build a solid skills foundation for future reading achievement.

Program Components:

Student Workbook (All Levels)

  • Workbooks provide reinforcement and practice opportunities appropriate for each level
  • Teachers guide students through the lesson and then students practice what they have learned on their own.
  • Students apply their growing knowledge of letter sounds, spelling patterns, and word parts to help them become fluent readers and writers.

Sound Letter Cards Level K and Level A

  • SRA All-STAR Phonics Sound-Letter Cards are color coded (consonant/vowel) for easy use in working with both individual sound-letter correspondence and making words.

Teacher's Edition (All Levels)

Clearly and concisely chosen information provides teachers with the resources they need for effective phonics instruction while reinforcing important skills and giving students much needed practice and opportunities for success.


  • 5-Star Pointers, a five-step methodology providing important instructional techniques that make teaching SRA All-Star Phonics & Word Studies consistent, comfortable, and effective
  • All-STARs at home take-home letters inviting parents, guardians, and other family members to become involved in the program
  • Unit Overviews with skill and theme objectives, suggestions for starting the unit, skills connections, ideas for discussion, and a lesson planner with a proposed time line for presenting lessons in a unit
  • Unit Lessons containing skills, reading, and writing lessons and objectives correlating directly to the lesson pages
  • Multisensory intervention strategies to further teach and apply concepts and skills

Program Components

  • All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies, Student Workbook, Level K
    All-STAR Phonics & Word Studies, Student Workbook, Level K
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