Math Laboratory

Grade Levels: 4-6

SRA Mathematics Laboratory is a supplemental math program that enriches your lesson plans for math. With the SRA Mathematics Laboratory, you can meet the needs of individual learners with one classroom package containing materials for practicing specific skills, math facts practice, ongoing comprehensive math practice and review, extra credit, activity centers, and free time.

Math Laboratory

By offering self-paced learning, students are able to:

  • Manage their own time
  • Work independently
  • Correct their own work
  • Monitor their own progress

Because each student is allowed to progress at his or her own pace, the Mathematics Laboratory works ideally as a supplement to other programs.

Assessment is incorporated throughout the program in the form of:

  • Pretests at the beginning of each unit that ensure students are placed at the proper level
  • Posttests at the end of each unit that check for mastery and identify areas in need of review

Mathematics Laboratory Activity Cards provide your students with problems that are keyed to skills in:

  • Basic Facts
  • Number Concepts
  • Whole Number Computation
  • Measurement & Geometry
  • Fractions, Decimals & Percents
  • Probability, Data & Graphs

A comprehensive Teacher's Guide includes:

  • Thorough lab descriptions
  • Classroom management ideas and suggestions for using labs
  • Correlations to NCTM Standards and standardized tests, as well as answers for all tests