Vocabulary Picture Pack, SRA

Grade Levels: K-8

Teaching independent word-learning skills is crucial because students learn much of their vocabulary on their own as they read and communicate.  Building Vocabulary Skills teaches vocabulary skills and strategies to help meet state standards while providing exposure to multiple "Tier Two" words in a variety of contexts.

Vocabulary Picture Pack, SRA


  • Context clues strategies and word part analysis to improve reading comprehension
  • Dictionary and thesaurus skills to clarify word meanings and usage
  • Word games to promote word consciousness


Student Edition

Students learn key vocabulary skills through:

  • Themed, four-part lessons that include practice in word   meanings, reference skills, word building, and word play
  • Weekly word lists that include content-area words
  • A complete Glossary and a Tools and Reference section

Teacher’s Edition

Meet students’ diverse needs with:

  • Extension activities, such as “Journal Starters” and “Fun Twists” for independent and collaborative learning
  • Strategies for teaching vocabulary to English-language learners