Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura

Grade Levels: K-12

As an integrated curriculum, Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura provides an efficient framework for teaching students to read. Rather than being taught in isolation, one skill at time, multiple strands are taught in unison on a daily basis, and each strand is tightly sequenced with the text. The design adds an element of relevancy that increases the effectiveness of the instruction.

Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura

Students begin with: alphabetic principal, reading connected text, reading for meaning. Later, students focus on decoding multisyllabic words, fluency, and comprehension skills.

Focused Instruction:

  • Provides complete systematic and sequential phonics and phonemic awareness instruction
  • Features detailed lesson plans with teacher dialogue in Spanish and teacher directions in English
  • Focuses on comprehensive instruction and skill development for sequencing, retelling, story grammar, making predictions, and main idea
  • SRA 2Inform makes collecting and interpreting student data easy so teachers can effectively respond to student needs.

Accelerated Development:

  • Accelerates the transition to reading in English by targeting daily lessons in the five elements of reading
  • Delivers appropriate levels of scaffolding to ensure student independent success
  • Includes placement test and frequent assessments to monitor progress and keep learning on track