Teaching Tutor CD-ROMs

Grade Levels: K-12

Teaching Tutors are professional development tools for instructors using SRA's specialized reading and language arts intervention programs. These easy-to-use CD-ROMs use a variety of multimedia resources to provide educators with the detailed information they need to effectively implement programs in their classrooms.


Teaching Tutor CD-ROMs


  • Easy-to-use presentation style format
  • Comprehensive program introductions
  • In-class video clips of program lessons being delivered
  • PDFs of each example lesson discussed
  • Integrated audio and closed-captioning for self-paced or classroom-style training
  • Bookmarking feature allows easy reference for multi-day training sessions

Teaching Tutors are now available for each of the following programs:

  • Corrective Reading
  • Language for Learning
  • Reading Mastery Classic
  • Reading Mastery Plus
  • Reading Mastery Signature Edition
  • Early Interventions in Reading

Teaching Tutors help educators and instructors ensure that they are properly trained and equipped to deliver accurate and well-paced lessons to classrooms of any size or configuration. Through informative text, audio, and real classroom video clips, this series of CD-ROMs provides a readily-accessible training and professional development solution.


  • Integrated print component samples, video clips, and informative audio provide a comprehensive view of each program.
  • Flexible navigation options and bookmarking allows users to stop and start at will without losing track of progress.
  • Teaching tips and suggestions prepare users for real-life instructional situations.
  • Full program coverage allows for timely and specific training as instructors move to teaching different program levels and strands – including previous editions.
  • CD-ROM format with no installation necessary allows Teaching Tutors to be used virtually anywhere at any time as a portable training aid.

 SRA’s Teaching Tutors are an affordable and easy-to-use enhancement to traditional training methods that dramatically improve the quality and availability of your professional development offerings.