Everyday Mathematics Card Deck Activity Books & Sets

Grade Levels: K-6

Everyday Mathematics Card Deck Activity Books provide teachers with information and suggestions on using the card decks with the Everyday Mathematics program. They also include new, supplemental activities and games for remediation and enrichment and can be readily used in the classroom, activity centers, or at home. The card decks and activity books can be useful tools for individualizing instruction and providing additional reinforcement of math concepts taught in the classroom.

Everyday Mathematics Card Deck Activity Books & Sets


Most activities require 10-15 minutes and do not have to be done during math time. Each Everyday Mathematics Card Deck Activity Book contains the following:

  • Table showing how the card decks can be used with individual lessons in the Everyday Mathematics core program.
  • Table listing the new activities and games by content strand. It also identifies the appropriate grade levels and skill being reinforced by each activity or game.
  • The object of each activity, the appropriate number of students, and any additional materials needed are included on each activity page.
  • Over 40 new activities for each card deck. The activities can be used for small groups, partnerships, or individuals.