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Grade Levels: PreK-8

SRA Number Worlds is an intervention math program that focuses on students who are one or more grade levels behind in mathematics. All the tools teachers need to assess students’ abilities, individualize instruction, build foundational skills and concepts, and make learning fun are provided in this math remediation program. And only SRA Number Worlds includes a prevention program for Grades PreK-1 that builds foundational math skills and prepares younger children to understand more complex concepts later.

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NEW! Number Worlds Online is now available through the ConnectED platform. This student and teacher portal includes Building Blocks activities, Online Assessment, eMathTools, Spanish Resources, State Planners, and more!

Number Worlds © 2011

SRA Number Worlds is the only program that includes a prevention instruction section for students in grades PreK - 1 (Levels A-C). This unique 30 week course of daily instruction improves students' grasp of the world of mathematics so they can move forward with the head start they need.

For students in grades 2-8 (Levels D-J) who are one or more grade levels behind in mathematics, the Number Worlds intervention program is an invaluable tool. It builds on students' current level of understanding with six 4-week intensive units per grade for faster assimilation back into math class.


  • Targeted instruction through discussion activities, computer activities, and paper and pencil activities
  • Precise assessment for personalized guidance
  • Research based for proven results
  • Flexibility for teachers and students in various settings including Resource Room, After School, Summer School, and Tutoring programs
  • Extra practice provided through Building Blocks activities researched and designed by Doug Clements and Julie Sarama.