Dolch Reading Program

Grade Levels: PreK-4

The Dolch® Reading Program is a comprehensive supplemental reading program consisting of basic sight vocabulary and sets of high-interest, easy-reading books for fluency practice at any age. Students get plenty of practice with basic sight words, common nouns, reading activities and writing activities, fill-in-the-blanks books, and crossword puzzles.

Dolch Reading Program

The Dolch® Reading Program contains books that can be used to build important skills and as recreational reading for on-level students, beginning readers, remedial readers, at-risk students, and ESL students.  Each Dolch Level focuses on particular word lists that are taught through word cards, stories, and activities. 

Dolch® Level 1

110 Basic Sight Vocabulary and 95 Common Nouns

  • Early Reading Books (Reading Level 0.1-1.5)
  • First Reading Books (Reading Level 1.5-2.5)

Dolch® Level 2

220 Basic Sight Vocabulary and 95 Nouns

  • Independent Reading Books - Animal Stories (Reading Level 2.0-3.0)
  • Independent Reading Books - Tales & Legends (Reading Levels 2.0-3.0)

Dolch® Level 3

684 Storyteller Words 

  • Spirit of Adventure Series, Fiction (Reading Levels 3.0-4.0)
  • Spirit of Adventure Series, Nonfiction (Reading Levels 3.0-4.0)

Dolch® Level 4 

First 1000 Words 

  • America's Journey Series, Fiction (Reading Levels 3.0-4.0)
  • America's Journey Series, Nonfiction (Reading Levels 3.0-4.0)


  • Dolch® Readers consist of high-interest, carefully selected stories of leveled sight words and new vocabulary for fluency practice at any age. 
  • Word Puzzle Books are available for each set of readers and include fill-in-the-blank and crossword puzzles.
  • Reading and Writing Practice Books contain Dolch stories and comprehension practice. One practice book is available for each set of readers.
  • A Teacher Guide is available for each set of readers and includes word-building activities, assessment instruments, workbook support, and plans to help you use the program even more efficiently.
  • The Dolch® CD-ROM allows students to practice the Dolch words in the form of puzzles and games, making a fun way to practice skills.

Instructional Pack includes:

  • Picture Word Cards are illustrated cards to teach the Dolch® 95 Common Nouns.
  • Popper Word Cards
         Set 1 - Covers the easiest 110 of the 220 Basic Sight Vocabulary
         Set 2 - Covers the more difficult words.
  • Phrase Cards (140) use word phrases from the Dolch® 220 Basic Sight Vocabulary and the 95 common Nouns.
  • Word Game is a bingo format game that contains enough cards for six players at a time. It uses the Dolch® 220 Basic Sight Vocabulary and the 95 common Nouns.