English, Yes!

Grade Levels: 13-13
Unlike other English language programs, English, Yes! uses multicultural literature as the foundation for improving comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Adapted selections from classic and contemporary authors of many cultures engage students in learning English. Cooperative learning activities based on the selections encourage readers to improve their writing, listening, and speaking skills.

About the Program

Features include:

  • Comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar are developed in narrative contexts
  • Unit openers focus on important pre-reading skills, such as activating prior knowledge and building background
  • Flexible teacher guides give you options to meet your students' needs
  • Instructional design accommodates both independent and cooperative learning
  • Placement tests help students start at the appropriate English, Yes! level

Program Components

  • English Yes! Level 4: Intermediate A Teacher Guide
    English Yes! Level 4: Intermediate A Teacher Guide
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