Math Literature

Grade Levels: 1-3

These engaging stories have been designed to develop early mathematical concepts. Children who develop mathematical language become much more successful problem solvers. When children understand the links between mathematical ideas, they are also more able to succeed with skills such as number facts. The stories provide a vehicle for developing these skills. Lesson plans in each big book provide suggestions for using the stores as well as additional activities.

Math Literature


  • Provide a sequence of learning for key areas of mathematics
  • Promote the math-language connection
  • Lead to greater success with problem solving

Titles and skills covered:

Grade Pre-K

  • Buster The Balloon Big Book (Comparing Sizes)
  • Pretty Patterns Big Book (Patterning)
  • I Think I'll Go Flying Big Book (Opposites)
  • The Puppet's Party Big Book (Counting to Ten)
  • The Dancing Dragons Big Book (Matching)
  • Wayne’s New Shape Big Book (3-D Shapes)
  • The Brassy Bird Band (Counting to Ten)

Grade K

  • Buzzing Bees Big Book (Subtraction)
  • Ten Tiny Ants Big Book (Addition)
  • The Squirrel's Store Big Book (Equal Groups)
  • Dinosaurs at School Big Book (Mathematics Activities)
  • The Animal Parade Big Book (Counting)
  • Shape Up! Big Book (3-D Shapes)
  • Bens Beans Big Book (Measurement & Data)
  • Coconut Crazy! Big Book (Sharing)
  • A Week Away (Addition)
  • Baker Bill (Halving)
  • Frowning Clowns (Sharing)

Grade 1

  • Bears Breakfast Big Book (Measuring Capacity)
  • Crocodiles Coat Big Book (Measuring Length)
  • Babysitting Twins Big Book (Addition)
  • Ten Friendly Frogs Big Book (Addition & Subtraction)
  • Icky Sticky Trap Big Book (Subtraction)
  • Monster Circus Big Book (Equal Groups)
  • Shape Race in Outer Space Big Book (3-D Shapes)
  • Fishy Scales Big Book (Measuring Weight)
  • Clarence the Clock Big Book (Measuring Time)
  • Helping Sally Tally Big Book (Recording Data)
  • Giants Toy Store Big Book (Equal Groups-Multiplication)
  • The Pitterpats Big Book (Patterns)
  • The Wheat Field (Addition)
  • Muffins at the Fair (Division)
  • Shirts and Skirts (Multiplication)
  • Jack and Jill and the Giant (Multiplication)

Grade 2

  • Counting Cousins (Place Value)
  • Five Minutes More (Time past the hour)
  • The New Fence (Length)
  • Baby Bear's Quilt (Area)
  • The Jumping Contest (Length)
  • Eight Gangling Arms (Multiplication)
  • Diffo the Dynamo (Subtraction)
  • The Penthalon (Addition & Subtraction)
  • Polly the Packer (Multiplication)
  • Miss Gobbledegook (Multiplication & Division)
  • Sherlock Bones (Position & Direction)
  • Amazing Mazes (Visual Thinking)
  • The Fun Room (Addition & Subtraction)
  • The Long, Long Ride (Time)