Fundamentals provide teachers with fun and motivating games that encourage students to develop their own strategies for mental computation. Fundamentals are user-friendly and contain reproducible game boards and materials. Students learn valuable problem-solving strategies before, during, and after the game.

About the Program

Fundamentals provides an engaging game environment that actively involves students in mental computation. The games help to develop mental strategies that improve students' ability to solve problems. By focusing on the proofs of computation, rather than the result, Fundamentals turns students into mathematical thinkers who can apply their skills to solve the "real-world" math they’ll face every day.

The six Fundamentals books are full of exciting games that:

  • Develop powerful mental computation strategies
  • Provide fun, motivating experiences that actively engage students in learning
  • Improve students’ problem-solving ability
  • Make mathematics visible by using manipulatives such as counters and linking cubes
  • Encourage students to use appropriate mathematical language
  • Increase social interaction and promote self-esteem

Program Components

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