Building Math Ideas

Grade Levels: 1-2
Prepare your students for test-taking success! Building Math Ideas uses test items to review content and develop students' ability to understand, apply, and write about important math concepts. Students learn to reason, communicate, and solve problems that go beyond one-step strategies and rote arithmetic. Building Math Ideas solidifies concepts while familiarizing students with test-taking formats, thus establishing the confidence they need to comfortably answer test items.

About the Program

Building Math Ideas builds mathematical thinking by emphasizing number sense, estimation, and mental computation as it reviews skills and builds familiarity with test-taking strategies. Students will receive content review and exposure with test taking formats and strategies will improve their performance on high-stakes tests.

The Workbook cuts down on preparation time, and allows students to work independently at home or at school. The Teacher's Guide contains complete answers plus information on how to lead discussions of the problems that allow students to make connections between the work that they have done and the mathematical reasoning that will increase their understanding and improve their performance.

Building Math Ideas is the only program that offers staff development embedded in the teacher's edition, making it both appealing and superior to all other test-prep and skill-practice products. However, there are several products that will indirectly compete with this product. Most test-prep products are designed for use during a short review period. In contrast, Building Math Ideas builds key thinking strategies throughout the year, and the skills are important beyond taking the test.


  • 96-page consumable student workbook and a 112-page teacher's guide for grades 1 and 2
  • 112-page consumable student workbook and a 128-page teacher's guide for grades 3-8


  • Aligns to NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics 2000
  • Material is organized by content, making it easy to coordinate the sections with what is being learned in the classroom.
  • Regular practice answering questions that cover a variety of content areas reinforces knowledge and strengthens skills.
  • Workbook format allows students to work at an individual pace.
  • Independent practice problems are easy for teachers to use. Although students are free to work with peers or to get help at home, they can work without additional teacher intervention.
  • Class discussions provide opportunities for students to gain insights into understandings and strategies that they can apply as they continue solving problems in the various formats.
  • Answering questions for a given topic reinforces knowledge and strengthens skills.
  • Answering questions presented in test-style formats builds students' confidence for testing situations.
  • Designed to complement both traditional & reform mathematics programs.

Program Components

  • Building Math Ideas: Grade 1 Student Workbook (Set of 5)
    Building Math Ideas: Grade 1 Student Workbook (Set of 5)
  • Building Math Ideas: Grade 2 Student Workbook (Set of 5)
    Building Math Ideas: Grade 2 Student Workbook (Set of 5)
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