Grade Levels: PreK-6
Each set contains 80 activities organized into four, ten-card mini centers. Students place one set of 0-9 Numeral Tiles (sold separately) in ten empty boxes, so all the problems are solved correctly. Activities are printed on both sides of each 8 ½" X 10" colored card.

About the Program

Series components:

Transparent and Opaque Numeral Tiles

  • Five sets of 0-9 plastic tiles, available in transparent or opaque yellow plastic. The Transparent Tiles can also be used for overheads.

Primary Try-A-Tile™ Class Kit, Grades Pre-K-4

  • 0-9 Numeral Tiles (50)
  • Try-A-Tile, Beginning Set (1 set)
  • Try-A-Tile, Number & Addition, Set A (1 set)
  • Try-A-Tile, Addition & Subtraction, Set B (1 set)

Intermediate Try-A-Tile™ Class Kit, Grades 3-6

  • 0-9 Numeral Tiles (50)
  • Try-A-Tile, Fractions Set (1 set)
  • Try-A-Tile, Multiplication & Division, Set C (1 set)
  • Try-A-Tile, Addition & Subtraction, Set B (1 set)

Try-A-Tile™ Resource Kit, Grades Pre-K-6

  • Try-A-Tile™ Cards (5 sets)
  • Transparent Numeral Tiles (6 sets)

Program Components

  • Try-A-Tile: Opaque Numeral Tiles
    Try-A-Tile: Opaque Numeral Tiles
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