Groundworks Reasoning with Geometry

Grade Levels: 3-7

Groundworks: Reasoning with Geometry provides students with activities that investigate shapes, symmetry, congruence, angles, rotations, reflections, and more. The text provides a teaching problem for each activity set, accompanied by questions and ideas teachers can use to lead a discussion while reviewing each concept. Geometry is no longer the forgotten strand when you include this series of easy-to-use books into your lesson plans! Each Groundworks title is available in a separate book for grades 1-7 and contains reproducible pages.

Groundworks Reasoning with Geometry

Big Ideas

Just like the other titles in the Groundworks series, Reasoning with Geometry centers on the big ideas of geometry. The five big ideas in Reasoning with Geometry are:

  • Attributes of Shapes
  • Composing and Decomposing Shapes
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Transformations
  • Relationships Among Shapes

Text Organization

The text contains 12 different sets of problems. A set refers to a specific type of mathematical reasoning problem. Each set contains six different problems for ample practice reinforcement. With 12 different sets of six problems, each text totals 72 different mathematical reasoning problems.

Problem Sets

Each problem set consists of eight pages and begins with a teaching information page. This page contains several features to help guide the teacher through the activity, either as a class or individually. Following the teacher page are six pages of student problems, each containing one problem, all addressing the same concept. The final page in the problem set is a solutions page.