Grade Levels: 2-8

Sink your teeth into Wildcats, the exciting series for delayed readers! Wildcats uses the high-impact style of today’s media to capture the interest of reluctant readers and give them a positive and successful reading and writing experience.


The Wildcats books feature sophisticated topics and presentations, yet they incorporate readability levels that are pitched to match the abilities of readers working to gain fluency.


  • Provide strong pictorial support
  • Use straightforward language structures
  • Use short, simple sentences that become increasingly more complex
  • Regulate line breaks to follow sentences and phrasing on easier material
  • Introduce high-frequency vocabulary in a controlled way
  • Chunk texts into manageable units
  • Provide a pronunciation guide for unfamiliar names and technical terms
  • Explain unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary in the body of the text and simple glossaries
  • Repeat familiar words often
  • Are graded into levels of difficulty
  • Incorporate a variety of different genres