With paired fiction and nonfiction titles at the same level, Take-Twos provide the perfect opportunity to teach students the different purposes for reading fiction and nonfiction. High-interest topics are treated separately in both fiction and nonfiction books, giving students exposure to both types of texts in a creative and meaningful way. Lesson plans provide support for before, during, and after reading, as well as a skills bank and writing blackline masters for practice in applying higher order thinking skills.

About the Program

By pairing fiction and nonfiction, Take-Twos build:

  • Comprehension strategies
  • Comparing and contrasting skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Higher-order thinking
  • Understanding of nonfiction text access features


Guided Reading Kits
Each complete guided reading kit includes:

  • Paired fiction and nonfiction titles at the same level
  • 6 copies each of 12 student books
  • 8-panel lesson plan on cardstock for each pair of titles
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Guided Reading resource book

Guided reading kits are available in the following configurations:

  • Complete guided reading kits
  • Leveled libraries (one copy each of 12 titles from the guided reading kit)
  • Lesson plan sets (one copy each of 6 lesson plans from the guided reading kit)

Leveled Libraries
Students become fluent and flexible readers by building reading mileage. Reading many books at their independent level provides students with opportunities to practice and apply reading skills.

Take-Twos leveled books are available in the following configurations:

  • Leveled libraries (one copy each of 12 titles from the guided reading kit, across a range of levels)
  • Leveled book sets (one copy each of several titles from the same level. The number of titles in a set ranges from 4–20 depending on level.)

Fiction/Nonfiction Packs
All Take-Twos titles are available in fiction/nonfiction packs. Each pack includes six copies each of one fiction and one nonfiction title, one shared lesson plan, and a vinyl folder.

Big Books 
Twelve of the favorite Take-Twos titles have been enlarged to Big Book format for use in small or large groups. Teachers can use these Big Books to model reading strategies, introduce text features and nonfiction features, and to compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction titles.

Lesson Plan Sets
Each pair of books has a comprehensive 8-panel lesson plan that contains explicit directions and strategies for teaching, saving you valuable preparation time. Lesson plan sets are available in sets of 6 lesson plans matched to the titles in the guided reading kits. They are also included in the complete guided reading kits.

Leveled Books
All titles are available as individual 6-packs or in leveled book sets.


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