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These unique Big Book packs are much more than a story. In addition to a traditional tale, each title includes a range of texts in a variety of genres—with all texts linking to the story. The Big Books are rich teaching resources for reading and writing. Student-book versions and related software are included with each pack, ensuring the series provides a wealth of activities for whole-class, small-group, and independent work.

About the Program


Text types include:

  • Reports
  • Recounts
  • Procedural Text
  • Poetry
  • Personal writing such as diaries, letters, and e-mails
  • Visual literacy texts such as maps
  • Plays

Each Big Book Pack contains:

Big Book with E-Book

  • Each E-Book supports and extends the use of the Big Book through a wide variety of activities that can be completed on screen.
  • Every section of the Big Book is included in the E-Book.
  • E-Book activities include: editing text from the Big Book; creating new versions of the tale; writing responses to texts, such as a reply to a letter or a summary of factual text.
  • E-Book activities are open-ended and ideal for collaborative, teacher-led work such as shared and modeled writing.
  • The back page and inside back cover of each Big Book provide teacher support for: shared reading and writing; identifying specific text features; developing thinking skills and critical literacy by comparing and contrasting the different sections of the book; and providing a range of follow-up activities.

6-pack of student books

CD-ROM with teacher notes

  • Interactive versions of the stories
  • A wealth of highly engaging activities focusing on key skills and strategies
  • Audio support and continual feedback
  • Off-screen activities to build on work done at computer

Program Components

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