MatchWord is a software program teachers can use to help their students develop literacy skills. It saves teachers time by providing them with the ability to search for and select pictures, letters, or words and use them in a wide range of literacy activities. Using MatchWord, teachers can create exciting environments for students who have different skill levels and instructional needs.

About the Program

MatchWord helps you with…


  • Create activities for students to sort, match, and classify pictures in many ways
  • Help students develop skills in phonological awareness, sound discrimination, vocabulary building, and critical thinking
  • Choose from over 500 available pictures
  • Search by phonetic elements, topic lists, number of phonemes, number of syllables or word pattern


  • Help students with letter identification and formation, as well as sound recognition
  • Create activities for students to sort and match letters and practice sound-letter relationships
  • Use lowercase and uppercase letters, phonetic combinations, letter families, numbers, punctuation, Spanish characters


  • Help students build, decode, and manipulate entire words
  • Create activities that include syllabication, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, and possessive and plural forms
  • Search by consonants, blends, digraphs, long and short vowels, word patterns, specified CVC patterns, phonetic elements, word families (spelling or rhyming), word length, number of syllables, or by lists (word, topic, grammar, Spanish)


  • Give students practice working with sentences and sentence structures
  • Create your own sentences
  • Generate multiple choice words for practice test activities

MatchWord helps teachers with:

  • Assessment — use activity pages for student instruction, practice, and assessment to track and record student progress
  • Classroom Management — use MatchWord to set up and organize classrooms for whole-group, small-group, and independent learning activities
  • Interactive Learning — a variety of hands-on learning activities appeal to each student’s strengths and learning styles
  • Literacy Centers — meet the developmental needs of any student and support learning at any reading level
  • Spanish Instruction — quickly and easily revise activities to create Spanish-only or English-Spanish activities to support second language learners’ instructional needs
  • The Home-School Connection — students can take completed MatchWord activities home to share, discuss, practice, or review with their families

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