Teaching Algebra: Inequalities

Teaching Algebra: Inequalities is an online professional development that helps participants extend their understanding of ways to teach inequality concepts.

About the Program

Participants extend their understanding of ways to teach inequality concepts. They graph both inequalities and systems of inequalities. Participants also consider teaching strategies that support this content in the classroom, examine student work to identify problem areas, and consider appropriate intervention strategies.


  • Develop and expand understanding of the graphs of systems of linear inequalities.
  • Review key steps in the process of graphing systems of linear inequalities.
  • Examine key content points and instructional strategies to emphasize with students.

RttT/SIG Assurances covered:

  • Great Teachers and Leaders
  • Turning Around the Lowest Performing Schools

Audience: Building Administrators, Coaches, and Teachers

Number of Participants: 1

Delivery Method: Online

Time: 3 to 5 hours

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