American Democracy Now

Grade Levels: 9-12

Engaging, Modern, and Fresh

At the heart of American Democracy Now NEW AP Edition is a rich set of pedagogical tools that move students along the path to critical thinking and success on the AP US Government & Politics exam. The Constitution is explained in everyday language to aid true student understanding. Visually appealing and highly interesting, American Democracy Now is a student favorite.

American Democracy Now

The new AP edition engages students and teachers through:

  • AP chapter openers and chapter summaries, including multiple choice and free response questions
  • AP vocabulary and documents highlighted to help students focus on the most important concepts.
  • AP Analyzing the Sources, which guides students in thinking through primary resources
  • AP Teacher Manual, which provides classroom activities, a pacing guide, AP Exam practice and more.
  • AP Question Banks, which provides practice with AP-style multiple choice and free response questions
  • Connect®, an integrated learning system that contains an AP SmartBook adaptive eBook