Science: A Closer Look Modules

Grade Levels: 1-5

Provide students with a solid foundation in science literacy! Science: A Closer Look helps students develop their ability to observe, compare, inquire, and evaluate while ensuring they learn the "Big Ideas" and essential core concepts of science.

Science: A Closer Look Modules

Science: A Closer Look offers students exciting and accessible standards-based lessons. Engaging activities promote curiosity and foster the development of science inquiry skills. Through a consistent and structured learning cycle, students confidently build upon their experiences to develop a lifelong understanding of science concepts.

Science A Closer Look

  • Supports research-based instructional practices
  • Provides all students access to standards-based science content
  • Integrates content knowledge with broad based practices in the Nature of Science
  • Incorporates hands-on learning through activities and inquiry investigations
  • Infuses technological design and applications into the learning process